On the eve of the Day of Victory be sure to talk with your child about the upcoming holiday. Tell him about why and when the war started, as easily got the victory. Introduce him to songs dedicated to the great Patriotic war, read him stories and poems. Touch the topic about the little heroes - children-partisans that their lives are not spared in order to head over to the Orb of peace, the sun, because the child is easier to understand their peers. Constantly mention that at that time they were ordinary guys with the same interests and the same age. In the morning along with children you can go to the parade prepared for the Day of Victory. Of course, they definitely will like a nice marching soldiers and the parade of military equipment.Walk this day with their children in the city, many parks organized festive celebrations. And veterans wearing medals, accept your part in the solemn events dedicated to the celebration of 9 may. It is practically the only day in the year when your kids have the opportunity to meet them and give them flowers. They will Express their gratitude experienced by the Russian people to those who were able to survive and win in this brutal war.In this significant for the whole country, the festival organizes open-air concerts, playgrounds, carousels, you can rent a boat or horseback, relax in the café or, finally, to fry outdoors barbecue.Go with children to the memorial monuments dedicated to the fallen heroes, is immortalized the memory of the war. Consider carefully the inscriptions on the stone slabs, lay flowers to the Eternal flame. Visit the WWII Museum and here you will be able to consider close to all the paraphernalia of war, military equipment of those times. Visits to such events will cost you inexpensive, but in the education of the child their use is invaluable. In the may holidays you can take advantage of trips organized to places where the fighting took place: Volgograd, Brest fortress and Kursk. In the evening in many cities in the end of the festive events held fireworks. It is a magnificent sight never gets boring, always delights, and for kids is of course an unforgettable event.