I'd venture that every month you are asking two questions: where to get the money and how to spend them correctly. To the second question often do not reach the pair, if you can't cope with the first. And if you did, you did it with the first question, I don't know how to hold on to paycheck. Then it is necessary to analyze their spending and begin to budget.

In order to do financial analysis you need to:

  • every day write down all your expenses. An exception are not even small expenses, like a bus or a snack on the run. It may help you understand how often you can afford to take a taxi or dine in the restaurant.

  • it is necessary to observe their actions. Whether you make an unplanned purchase? Do you take purchase decision spontaneously? Forget whether you are on holidays, anniversaries, invitations to the wedding? Delay if you serious purchase for later, because right now your budget, it is unsustainable?

By the end of the month, we conclude that the income of the family is sufficient, but spending excessive. You have to budget for next month. So, you got paid, but not in a hurry to spend money. Let the money lie in the wallet of the day, so to say, "spend the night". The next morning the desire to make a little spending will subside. It is not necessary to put in a wallet large amounts, as their presence always leads to buying something unnecessary, but cute. When the purse is not enough money to buy, the desire to buy something nice is lost. And then, on reflection, I understand that this purchase was not really necessary.

Love money account, so often consider the money, it organizes and sobering. This will help to define the "black hole" in your budget, which sucks money, no waste.

Should be postponed. You can start with small amounts, let it be 10 percent of your income, but postponing a little for any salary.

Discuss spending money in the family, let them participate in the conversation and take the children. This does not mean that the child can decide how to spend the money and what to shop. But the child will listen to and understand the budget structure and criteria for financial decision-making.

You must save the budget. But let the savings do not reach the fanaticism, because it is not the only path to the welfare of the family. Shop sales, check the counters of consumption of utilities, use the discount cards to friends and relatives, such methods allow to save the budget, not tightening the belt.

There are several options for conducting the family budget. If both partners are working, there are a few ways to save the family budget. The first method is that all the money add up to the overall total and the decision about major purchases was adopted by the family Council, but on the little things each family member takes a private.

The second method of budgeting is that one place is the amount of common expenses. Each family member puts part of their income.

The third method is that the couple spend their money at their discretion, and payment of utility amounts and other mandatory spending are made in a specific pattern developed by the partners. So, a spouse may buy food and to pay the costs of children. Wife pays out of his income utilities. Or perhaps each partner buys the house that will fit, and the major mandatory spending is distributed equally. Money at the same time are each separately total amount no.

To understand where to "go away" money, start a family budget. So it will be easier to assess the financial capacity of the family to adjust spending.