You will need
  • - installed on the Office computer.
Archive Microsoft Office features quite a lot of fonts, which are not used by the user. They are stored in a special section and several athelet user interface. If the extra fonts you interfere in the work, you can remove them using edit mode settings.
Removal from the list of unused fonts, you must use the menu button "start". Then open "control Panel" and click on "Fonts". Before you will be presented a folder with all you have in your computer fonts. For convenience, use advanced functions viewing and printing the selected font. If any of the options you will not need to remove them just press the corresponding button.
No matter what operating system is installed on your computer - Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows XP, the user's actions to remove the fonts will be the same when using both "axes".
If the control panel is presented in the form of categories, for convenience, go to the "Standard view" and then act in accordance with the foregoing method.
To disable unused languages click on the "start" button located in the lower left corner of the screen, select "All programs" and navigate to the Microsoft Office application. Clicking on this section, find the item "Microsoft Office Tools" and go to "Language settings Microsoft Office".
Then open the edit window. Locate the "Enabled editing languages" and then from the list select an unused language and click "Uninstall". Repeat this step for each language that requires removal. In this window you can set the language you use by default.
If you, on the contrary, you want to include in the list of additional language, you can do it with one mouse click. But you need to use the "Add"button.