Most rapid learning occurs in dance schools. There are professionals will train you in the basic movements first, and then more complex tricks. To engage with the teacher, rather than alone, and because he will notice your mistakes and help to fix them. But don't forget: training with a professional dancer may seem for you is not easy, so be careful with their physical training.
Another option of classes at home. As educational materials you can take videos of the dances (they are in large number available online). With the help of interactive courses you can learn the basic movements of hip-hop. By the way, to improve the efficiency of training try to dance in front of a large mirror, which will be visible to all your movements. Thus, you'll be able to notice their mistakes and improve craftsmanship.
If in your city there are places which gather dancers hip-hop and visit them as often as possible. Slow dancers with more experience. Perhaps they can tell you to give some tips. In attending such meetings there is also another advantage: for once you can learn many new moves to enhance your dance other elements.
Do on schedule. Make it so that training was held regularly, and the load was evenly distributed. The most effective time is in the morning and day, but if you are comfortable, go in the evening. The optimal duration of training is approximately two hours. During this time the muscles get the maximum load, and therefore before the dance is a good warm up, reach, or the next day generally will not pain to move even a finger.