You will need
  • - The passport;
  • - travel package.
Before starting the choice of accommodation in Rhodes town, explore the island. Climatic conditions it is almost the same, but the sea state is different. Thus, in the Western part of the island in a place called Ialyssos due to the high waves to swim quite a problem, but for surfers this resort is ideal.
After finding the most suitable place, it remains only to allocate the budget for future trips. The cost of living in any hotel depends on how far it is from the sea, as well as what type of food chosen by vacationers. We can immediately note that the most convenient scheme of "all inclusive" in Rhodes town will cost much more than the Board, with only breakfasts or dinners.
Hotels located on "second line" does not have its own beach by the sea can do about the cost of living is cheaper than hotels that are closer to the sea. Given that the hotel services and facilities are often provided transport means to reach the sea, it makes sense to explore the hotels on both lines.
Pay attention not only on the number of stars in the hotel, but the service is ready to offer tourists. For example, a dryer for drying hair is present in almost every 4-star hotel, while the electric kettle, which is equipped with rooms in five-star hotels, required not for everyone.
In an attempt to save immediately know that the two stars hotels are usually in the room no fridge, no TV, not too convenient. Is also missing the pool, but the cost of living will be start from 25 euros per day, not 60 as in hotels with four stars. Five-star hotels are more expensive and accommodation will cost 80 euros per day.
Take the time to explore Rhodes hotels and reviews of them left by visitors. To perceive feedback as a guide to action is not necessary, as too laudatory recommendations can be left by the owners, and in part to the negative to focus on someone else's taste is even more difficult. But to get the big picture about staying at a specific hotel in this way it is possible.