For fans of a change of scenery to straitened financial circumstances. And why on weekend fly to the sun on the sea? After all, there are countries where a year-round hot. It would be better to choose something closer to took less time to acclimatize. A few hours by plane and you are in another country near the sea. As a variant - to go to any European country to explore its attractions, to plunge into another world. However, EU countries will need a visa, so this holiday is spontaneous does not work.
The second option is a trip out of town. Not only to the country. About it forget like a bad dream. Take a trip to equestrian center, horseback riding, take a picnic. Or visit base on the shores of a picturesque lake. Go there right in the evening and in the morning you will Wake up not the street noise or the sound of the alarm, and the birds singing.
The third option – dedicate a weekend to yourself. Visit the spa-salon, beauty parlor, Barber shop, massage, Solarium. The latter is particularly important in winter when the sun is not objectively missing. From the series: gym, sauna or steam room, swimming pool. Swimming in General helps to develop endurance. The more you swim the less tired. After spending an hour in the pool, you will be ready for active leisure in the weekend.
Again, take a trip, but not abroad, and in the old Russian city, for example, Suzdal or Novgorod. Touching the roots, recovery of lost knowledge about their country, the opportunity to touch to arts and crafts, will provide an additional source of energy. But better to travel in comfort to visit not turned into anguish.
Go with family or friends on a hike savages. Assemble the backpacks on the train ride to the desired place where, deep in the woods you can pick mushrooms and berries. Or to reach the shore of the pond and pitch a tent there. It is also possible to arrange fishing.
To get things done, you need every weekend to "take pen, planning where, when you go, and how much money you will need. Then each of its output you will carry out efficiently and productively.