If you decide to buy country land, first think about how it should be. You need just a bare land where you grow vegetables and fruits, or you dream of a house? Whether a large estate with trees, a pond or a forest? But maybe you prefer a secluded spot, far from busy roads and talkative neighbors on the site. It all depends on your possibilities. But remember that the big plot requires more time and money on his departure.
You can search for the desired plot on their own, and can seek the services of a selling agent of real estate. If you choose the second option you save yourself from solving many of the problems associated with the search cottages. But for these services you will need to pay a certain percentage of the transaction.
Choosing the plot, a note on the ecological state of the territory: close landfill, or waste disposal. Consider the development prospects of the area, the possibility and cost of connection of necessary communications.
The important point when buying a suburban area is the land category to which it belongs. Not at all permitted to erect housing structure. The best option for the garden – lands of the villages.
Verify documents for finished real estate. Make sure that this plot belongs to the seller. To do this, look his passport and the original certificate of ownership. Read the papers on the basis of which he possessed a country property. And make sure that he is the sole owner of a suburban area. Otherwise, he should be signed the consent for sale from other owners.
Buying real estate in gardening, in no case do not stop your choice on the non-privatized area. To acquire it, ask the owner first right to register the property.