You will need
  • ceramic tile, grout, construction grout, or Bustilat, trowel, putty knife, glass cutter, plumb
However, in order to ceramic tile fully showed their positive properties, it should be properly pasted with the exact observance of technology. At first glance, gluing tile is no big deal. Only need to gently smear each tile adhesive mortar and firmly pressed to the surface of the wall or floor. In reality, there are a number of subtleties that need to be considered that the results of repair are not disappointed later.
Start repairs in the bathroom should be a thorough preparation, that is, with the purchase of necessary materials and tools. In addition to the tiles that need to buy with some margin, you will need the same adhesive mortar, cement, putty knife, trowel, plastic crosses to align the seams, and a plumb and level which will help to determine how exactly the tile flooring. Do not forget also about the glass cutter, as in the model of the Russian bathrooms are very many narrow places where a standard tile will not fit and will have to fit the existing space.
As adhesives traditionally give preference to cement mortar, composed of cement and sand in the ratio of one to four. This is the most reliable tool to provide better bonding of tiles on all surfaces. Since the bathroom is usually always preserved humidity, the adhesive properties of cement mortar can better enhance, mixing it with Bustilat or any construction mastic. It is important to note that in addition to mastic high adhesive properties provides good waterproofing, which is important for this room.
Before you stick the tile to the wall or floor, it is necessary to prepare to work. The fact that for the best adhesion the surface should be slightly moist. So a few hours before work, the tile should be placed in the water. If no, then at least you should moisten the side that will touch the paste surface.
To cut a tile in accordance with the characteristics of the working surfaces is also better to in the process not to be distracted. Ceramic tiles cut in the same way as any glass with a glass cutter and a ruler, previously marked out with a pencil.
Laying tile in the bathroom , always start from the bottom, from the floor, gradually moving to higher levels. In the free space between the individual tiles put plastic crosses, which allow you to keep a smooth free edge. After hanging all the tiles, the joints are cleaned out with special grout. The excess is removed with a spatula and a damp cloth. In principle, the gluing of tiles is no big deal. This job could be done by any person acting carefully and accurately following instructions.