Learn to control your emotions in communication with people around you. If someone you have wronged or offended, do not rush to get into a fight. Count to ten, take a few deep breaths. Keep a dialogue in a calm business tone.
Try to give thoughtful answers. If you are faced with a difficult or uncomfortable for you to question, ask the interviewee time to think. In some cases, the most reasonable solution is a tactful withdrawal from the conversation.
Play "through" the observable phenomena, they look for causal relationships. This will help you the ability to ask the right questions. The questions, in themselves, stimulate thinking, keep looking for the answer.
Don't take anything for granted. All the information coming to you, subject to careful critical analysis. Challenge stereotypes prevalent in society.
Before taking any decision, think about what impact it will have. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of a particular choice. Don't hesitate to ask for advice from more experienced people.
Newspapers and magazines, they highlight key points and facts. Brief messages that summarize spoken or read. Otzivite unnecessary and unimportant information.
Plan your activity. The points to paint everything you want to do. Evaluate the resources you have (time, money, knowledge, etc.). Allocate resources according to your priorities. It is reasonable to write down the names and contacts of people, it is difficult to predict whose help you might need.