You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • image.
Using the option Open the File menu, open the image in Photoshop. Leave the background layer with the image locked. This will allow you to have the original picture, which is useful, if the correction at some stage would be excessive.
To remove stains from areas of the image do not differ by a great degree of detail, suitable Dust&Scratches filter. To add to the document a copy of the picture with the spots, using the option Duplicate Layer in the Layer menu and open settings option Dust&Scratches Noise group Filter menu.
Set the Threshold minimum value, and the value of the Radius set to maximum. Decreasing radius and gradually increasing the threshold value until the disappearance of the spots if not complete blurring of the picture. Hide the processed image under the mask, using the option Hide All Layer Mask to the group Layer menu.
Tool Dodge Tool to lighten Shadows mode mask in the places where there are stains. If the correction of some of the sections you are not satisfied, darken the mask in that place, applying the tool to the Burn Tool.
If in the image there are areas in which you can without compromising on the picture to close the stain, apply the tool the Patch Tool. To use this tool, copy the original image to a new layer or if part of the stain is already closed corrective layer, use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. the document will appear In the layer composed of visible fragments of all the strata lying below.
Enable Source in the settings of the tool, draw around the piece with the stain. When you hold down the left mouse button drag the selection to the part of the picture, suitable for ceiling stains, and release the button.
To remove stains from the parts of the image where you want to save the invoice, you can use tools Clone Stamp and Healing Brush. The Create a new layer button from the layers palette, add a transparent layer for results correction. Include configuration tools the option to Sample all layers and specify Alt, phase images, from which you will copy the pixels for the overlap of the spot. Paint the damaged fragment, releasing Alt.
To save the picture without spots apply the option Save As File menu.