Go to the flying club. After studying there, you will be able to get the certificate of private pilot. To become the owner of pilot's license, you must be an adult citizen that is over 18 years of age (for pilot and commercial pilot) and linear pilot legal age increased to 21 years.
Pass a medical examination. Candidate to obtain the pilot's certificate must have excellent health. He is obliged to undergo a medical ontestimonytion. It is held Vlek, GA (medical / flight expert Commission of civil aviation). Such commissions exist in the airports, flying schools and clubs HECTARES. If at least one physician recognizes the applicant for training unfit, permission to fly will not be issued. Medical certificate for private pilots is valid: 3 years under the age of 40 years and 2 years after the age of 40 years.
In the aviation school will receive a certificate of completion of theoretical training. Candidate pilots need to study some of the theoretical courses: the design of the aircraft the flight manual of the aircraft, aviation medicine, samoletostroenie and many others.
Take a course of practical training flights with an instructor and ground training. Training should be in a flight school that has certification of the state civil aviation authority. Total flight hours may not be less than 42 hours. Training flights will take place under the guidance of an instructor who has a certificate giving him the right to conduct such flight training.
Get the certificate of the Amateur pilot, having passed the above training and a medical examination. If you want to become a pilot, you need additional training in flight schools or College. For example, commercial airline pilots and total flying time is not less than 200 and 1500 hours, respectively. Requirements for the health of the candidate with a new category of flight rights have also become tougher.