In the settings panel, click "personal settings" - menu opens. Select "change Wallpaper", which opens a new window where is written "choose the background for Skype".
Next you can choose the standard image program. For this you need a switch to select the "use background", and then under it will appear a list of possible stock images, choose which one you click.
If you want as the backgroundand Skype used a standard color palette, set the selection switch to the "select default colors", then confirm the selection by pressing the round button of the corresponding color.
If you decide to create your personal shade of color, you can select it by moving the slider on the scale with flowers - simultaneously, the button will display the results of mixing colors. Finding a suitable combination, you will only have to make their decision choice by clicking on the round button.
In addition, as backgroundand you can set in the program and your own image that is stored in your personal computer. To do this, click the "browse" button, which opens a new window. Select the picture file and confirm the selection by pressing the "open" button. Moreover, we must remember that as the backgroundand you can use your own images in only a few permissions: PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP. If your drawing has previously been saved in another format, please convert it to one of the four.
After you have clicked on "open", the image will appear in the list located under the switch. You have to click on it and click on "save" and then "OK". to finally confirm your choice. After that open earlier, the window "select a background for Skype" should be closed.
Thus it is possible to periodically change the image backgroundand in Skype, changing images and colors in accordance with their own desires and mood.