The obligation of the seller to put the invoice can be included in the supply agreement. In this case, the wording "payment of the goods within a specified time after the billing account" means the buyer's obligation to pay the issued document in agreed terms. If the contract does not provide billing invoices, payment of goods is made on the basis of the invoice in advance. When the price of the goods defined in the agreement and provided for a basis of obligation to pay for the goods at the buyer's account can not be set.
Special requirements that apply to the account in advance no. When planning, try to stick to General provisions, provided that at registration of primary documents. When placing the account on an advance quote there your payment details, full name of the organization, the buyer, the quantity of the item, its price and total amount for payment. The document must be signed by the head of the organization, number and date of issue. Printing account can put.
If your organization operates on the common scheme of taxation is VAT, take into account separately the amount of tax. But deduction for this tax you will be able to issue only on the basis of invoices of article 169 of the tax code. Ie .the account can not be set, and the invoice need to write necessarily. In the account, you can specify the validity period. For example, payment for the goods within 5 days after issuing the invoice.
After issuing bills for advance payment you are required to exhibit the same amount for the invoice. This responsibility is mandated by section 3 of article 168 of the tax code.