Advice 1: How to get rid of enlarged pores on the face?

Enlarged pores, unfortunately, are very, very common problem in people of almost all ages. Needless to say, as moral discomfort can bring enhanced ports of its owner - in fact the appearance, they do not paint! Getting rid of enlarged pores is undoubtedly require a lot of attention to the task, but showed enough perseverance, you will not recognize yourself in the mirror - the skin is clean, smooth and toned.
How to get rid of enlarged pores on the face?
First understand that the skin needs a thorough and regular cleansing twice a day. Dirt and sebum clog the tubules, and then they just faded. To return to the previous state of them are quite difficult, so make it a rule every night to wash with warm water with gentle belongings, exfoliating dead skin particles and open pores, giving way to an exit contamination.
Wipe your face TONIA containing salicylic acid is good to help exfoliate dead particles and regeneration of the skin. The porous skin is often feel rough and sluggish, so she will need an active update.
If you are ready to go to the beautician-a specialist, try treatments such as fruit acid peeling and ultrasonic cleaning of the skin. These methods are suitable for almost everyone, and very young boys and girls, and a great help to cope with the problem of enlarged pores.
The skin should be well hydrated - this, oddly enough, makes it visually less porous, and also prevents enhanced production of sebum.
Now we will consider several ways to reduce long at home. You have to try to do masks have a tightening effect of the mask of sour fruits and berries rich in vitamin C. Kiwi, strawberries or citrus fruits - all these foods should be good to mash and apply to face alone or with the addition of spoonfuls of low fat cottage cheese (if you have combination skin). Vegetables you can use tomatoes - they, like all of the above fruits, great refresh the complexion.
For pores and toned skin can try cryo - and for this obscure word is a normal rubbing face with ice every morning. You can do a lot of useful options and refreshing ice, freezing water, and, for example, infusions or fresh juice of berries.
Contents: 1. 2. the cause of How to care 3. Home remedies 4. Cosmetology 5. A few tips. In addition to dark circles under eyes, graying hair, acne and wrinkles, one more unpleasant phenomenon for women is enlarged pores. Why enlarged pores. When it comes to pore size, it is believed that "less is better".
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From dirt and sebum the pores quickly stretched. Effective cleansing is the first step towards their reduction. To do this it is necessary not only at the end of the day, but morning. For this purpose the perfect soft gels-scrubs cleanser (with special brush, but only if no irritation). Scrubs with thermal effect gently and deeply cleanse the pores.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of enlarged pores on the face

This cosmetic defect of the skin like enlarged poresis a problem for many women. For the treatment of skin requires special care and a great deal of patience. Time eliminate the problem, you can avoid the skin acne and blackheads, as well as increasing its fat content. A comprehensive exposure with salon treatments, folk remedies and special cosmetics will be the most effective.
How to get rid of enlarged pores on the face
Take advantage of the most effective salon procedure is able to narrow the pores is microdermabrasion. After 2-3 sessions, during which the skin apply a special scrub with fine solid particles, to achieve the best possible result. To reduce the pores can also chemical peels, in particular, TCA and suitable even for people with sensitive skin. The active ingredient is trichloroacetic acid that penetrates deep into the skin and removes dead skin cells, which is new. The composition of the glycolic peel includes substances trypsin, papain, and bromelain, dissolving the contents of the pores and contributing to the alignment of the skin. Resorting to such a procedure as cryotherapy, you will be able to reduce sebum production and get rid of acne. Will also be useful to cryo. In the treatment of enlarged pores is a very effective and laser cleaning.
To narrow pores on the face at home help folk remedies. A tablespoon of ground almonds add 50 ml of hot decoction of herbs, consisting of shoots of pine, elderberry, Linden flower and chamomile pharmacy. Adding a teaspoon of flour and half a teaspoon of honey, stir the resulting mass. Apply the mixture to face, rinse with cold water after half an hour.For normal to dry skin suitable astringent mask. Boil 100 milliliters of hot water a tablespoon of lime flowers. Put the mixture on low heat, heat it until a thick mass. The cooled mass is put on the skin, after 20 minutes, remove with a cotton swab and wash your face with cool water. Try wiping the face with ice cubes. This method of pores and is not for everyone, if your face has a capillary mesh, discard it.
For daily cleansing of skin and pores, use products containing essential oils and extracts of chamomile, Basil, aloe, lemon, toffee, grapefruit, orange and cloves. For deep cleaning use a scrub, tiny granules which improves blood flow and cleanses the pores from dead cells. After cleansing, then they need to close by applying special lotions and toners that contain astringent ingredients: extracts of birch, lemon, rosemary, hawthorn and calendula. The zinc oxide in the composition of such funds helps to tighten pores and remove excess sebum.
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