First understand that the skin needs a thorough and regular cleansing twice a day. Dirt and sebum clog the tubules, and then they just faded. To return to the previous state of them are quite difficult, so make it a rule every night to wash with warm water with gentle belongings, exfoliating dead skin particles and open pores, giving way to an exit contamination.
Wipe your face TONIA containing salicylic acid is good to help exfoliate dead particles and regeneration of the skin. The porous skin is often feel rough and sluggish, so she will need an active update.
If you are ready to go to the beautician-a specialist, try treatments such as fruit acid peeling and ultrasonic cleaning of the skin. These methods are suitable for almost everyone, and very young boys and girls, and a great help to cope with the problem of enlarged pores.
The skin should be well hydrated - this, oddly enough, makes it visually less porous, and also prevents enhanced production of sebum.
Now we will consider several ways to reduce long at home. You have to try to do masks have a tightening effect of the mask of sour fruits and berries rich in vitamin C. Kiwi, strawberries or citrus fruits - all these foods should be good to mash and apply to face alone or with the addition of spoonfuls of low fat cottage cheese (if you have combination skin). Vegetables you can use tomatoes - they, like all of the above fruits, great refresh the complexion.
For pores and toned skin can try cryo - and for this obscure word is a normal rubbing face with ice every morning. You can do a lot of useful options and refreshing ice, freezing water, and, for example, infusions or fresh juice of berries.