So you were able to transfer Webmoney to a card, open an account at any Bank and get a plastic cardif you do not have one. Scan all relevant pages of your passport, the certificate on statement on the account in tax inspections and taxpayer identification number. Go to the website of verification center of the Webmoney and send the scans to a technical support email address.
After a couple of days when scans of documents will be collated with the personal data in your WMID, you will receive a notification that you are the owner of the formal certificate. This will allow you to Fund your e-wallet and withdraw funds using attached to it a Bank card.
Sign in via WM Keeper Classic and in the list of services "WMR Transfer to your designated Bank account." You may only ruble transfers. In the form of transfer fill in the Bank details of your card. The form you can save it as a template to use for re-transfer of money.
In that case, when you specify the Bank details used for the first time, the system will warn you that it will take an additional few days to scan in the template data. When the Bank confirms that the account exists and belongs to you, the transfer will be executed. For subsequent payments, the validation is not required, and the amount from your purse Webmoney on the card of the Bank will be transferred within one to three days.
By filling in the form, enter the transfer amount, and the next window will appear the amount which goes to your account. It will be somewhat less than this because of the translation you will keep a Commission, which is about 3%. Click on the "Pay bill", then in the incoming mail will appear to put the payment document. Navigate to the folder "Inbox" and confirm the transfer of funds. Expect a message from Bank that money for a card received.