Before you begin the actual interior design of the room, start with the walls and floor. For floor children's room is well suited laminate flooring. He will be able to withstand virtually any external influences. Pre-take care that the floor was warm on this floor your child does not catch a cold. The Wallpaper is better to choose cotton or paint the walls with paint.
Children's room needs to be divided into three zones: zone of games, recreation and learning. To save space a good option - a bunk bed. Its top floor is best to use for the rest of the child, and in the lower part it is possible to organize the training area by removing the bed and a built Desk. Make sure that the ladder on the bed was comfortable and safe.
To game zone, select a separate corner. Be sure to place the bags for toys, so that when the cleaning was where to collect them. In the play area must be fitted with a warm carpet to sit on the floor warm.
Try not to put extra furniture in the nursery. The more space you leave, the more freely will feel child. It will be enough beds, Desk and chair in the work area and wardrobe. On the walls you can add multiple shelves to store books and small items.
Important role children's plays in the light. The light should be bright in the work area and more muted in the area. Therefore, in addition to the main chandelier, add the room even a table lamp and a night lamp above the bed. Switch from the main light should not be set too high, the child is able to use it. The optimum height of its location - 90 cm from the floor.
When building a child's be sure to counsel with your child. After all, he will have to spend the greatest amount of their time. He must love his room, it's "his castle". To make little children comfortable and beautiful at the same time it is possible, the main thing - to make this effort and to give vent to their imagination.