You will need
  • Books with examples for counting, cards with numbers.
The age at which the child should learn to count in mind, everyone is different, but the average is 5-6 years. To teach the child to quickly take in mind, it should be taught simply to count in mind, and before that, in principle, be taught to think. As it is obvious it may sound, each of these points should be given due attention, and many parents forget about it.So, first the child should well learn to count objects – counting sticks, toys, anything at all, and produce them in simple arithmetic operations. If the baby can not count how many sticks will work if the two sticks to put two more sticks, ask him to count in mind, how much is "2+3".
The child had mastered the score in mind, he should be well familiar with the concepts of "more" and "less than", "equal", to understand the composition of numbers. There are several different techniques account within ten. Daily fun activities are required to ensure that the kid understood the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10. He needs to learn, for example, all the ways to get number 7 in the range of tens (1+6, 2+5, 3+4). Children have excellent visual memory, so even constantly looking at such examples, the child will get used to their values. Very useful for such operations to use a regular card with numbers or "cash numbers".
With the help of toys or other illustrative examples teach children the composition of the number 10, so he'll know what 10 is 2+8, 3+7, 4+6 etc. Explain to him that from change of places composed the sum does not change (oncethe mindis, not so scientific – "if you change the number of places will still get the same"), explain that subtraction is inverse to addition operation. When preschooler will master addition in the range of tens in mind, it will go much faster.
To go beyond the dozens, you can use the method "to ten". For example, you want to fold 7 and 5. Number 5 to 10 5 is not enough, we take away 7, is 2. That is, 7+5=5+5+2. And to add 2 to 10 is not too difficult.
The main thing to learn fast counting in mind is visibility. Invite, for example, child add and subtract numbers that he sees on the street. The number of machines, for example. The car passed with the number 398 – offer to calculate how much will be 3+9+8 etc.
Whether before school to give your child multiplication and division, quite a lot I bet. Rate the ability of your child yourself, but do not overload him and turn his life into one big math class. In any case, technology of mastering multiplication and division in the mind is about the same as with addition and subtraction.