Open the balance sheet of the enterprise to the desired date. The value of current assets at the beginning and at the end of the period indicated at line 290 (total of section II balance). Determine their dynamics over the period, calculating the difference between these figures.
Calculate the average value of the current assets over the period, using the formula: ATS = (AT1+AT2)/2 where:AT1 - current assets of the enterprise at the beginning of the period;AT2 - current assets of the company at the end of the period. You can then analyze the effectiveness of their use.
Calculate the profitability of the enterprise assets according to the following formula: RA = P / ATS x 100% where:- P - the net profit for the analyzed period;- ATS - the average value of current assets of the company for the period.The amount of the net profits of the enterprise determine the string of 190 of "profit and loss".
Divide the amount of net profits calculated on the average value of the assets of the company. Multiplying the resulting ratio by 100%, you will receive a return on assets of the company during the analyzed period. This indicator shows the amount of profit per ruble of their value. Is considered optimal if it is equal to 18-20%.
Find the turnover of current assets according to the following formula:On = (/ATS) * KDN where: - revenues from sales for the reporting period (excluding VAT);ATS - the average value of the current assets of the company;KDN - number of days in the reporting period. The revenue take from the statement of profit and loss for the period analyzed. Dividing it by the average value of the current assets, multiply the resulting figure by the number of days of the reporting period.
Calculate the turnover of current assets for the previous accounting periods, analyze the dynamics of changes. The smaller the resulting number the better. The economic efficiency of the reduction period the asset turnover is expressed in the release of additional funds from the turnover and, consequently, to increase the profits of the enterprise.
Keep in mind that when reducing the rotation period requires less inventory. This reduces the cost of storage. Accordingly, the slow turnover leads to an increase in the value of current assets and additional costs. Thus, the timely calculation and analysis of asset condition will allow you to make the right decisions for managing their use.