You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - metal spatula.
Many rechargeable batteries come in a state of disrepair long before the expiration of the declared period of operation. Most often it is caused by improper use of the battery and lack of timely maintenance of the battery. If you notice instability in the battery, start removing this device.
For starters, turn off the mobile computer. Be sure to perform a full stop of work of the laptop. In any case, do not use in this situation hibernate mode. Disconnect your device from AC power. To do this, remove the connector of the power supply unit from the slot.
Find out the type of fastening of the battery to the body. Old laptopx for this purpose, special screws. Unscrew them with a screwdriver with a suitable tip.
Gently pry the edge of the battery with a metal spatula or nails and remove the battery. Install the cover the vacant Bay.
To disconnect the battery in modern laptopx does not require additional tools. Learn the clips, available on the housing of the mobile computer.
Change the position of the first regulator. Most need the direction marked by an arrow. Open the second latch. Most likely, one side of the battery protrudes slightly after performing this procedure. Remove the battery.
Connect the laptop to AC power. Turn on your computer. Wait a while for the operating system to load. Change the settings of the notification center, not to constantly observe the icon of the missing battery.
If you removed the battery not for the purpose of its replacement and just want some time to use the laptop without battery, keep in mind some important nuances. First, do not store for a long time fully discharged battery. Connect the battery to the laptop at least once in two months. This will prevent potential problems.