Determine the size of the source file. Then right-click on the AVI file and select "Properties". In the Central part on the "General" tab, you will see how much space in megabytes or gigabytes is this file. This is necessary in order to know how much you will have to cut the video. To make the file smaller by deterioration of image quality, with a reduction of the size of the frame or removal of unimportant parts of the video. For example, the program will slightly reduce the size of the cropping credits at the end of the film, foreign films they are usually very long.
Download and install the program for processing video. Such programs are called converters and there are both paid and free. Open the browser you normally browse the web and navigate to This free video Converter with user-friendly controls and a multi-language interface. If you don't trust free software you can download Movavi Video Suite. The address of the page the following: Click the "Download" and start downloading the installer.
Run the downloaded file. Click "Next" in installation wizard. Repeat this step until you see the message on successful completion of the process. If you wish, the course can change the default folder for the program. Launch the utility by double clicking on the icon on the desktop, if it doesn't open independently.
Window Free Video Converter, click "Video" to add your file. The title of the video and its characteristics will appear in the Central part of the program window. Click on the button "To AVI" on the ribbon at the bottom of the window. Window opens processing options in which you can specify the location to save the file, choose the number of stages of conversion and specify the resulting file size. Click the current file size and enter the desired value. Margins shrink, that is, how the program can reduce the weight of an avi is displayed in the editor window.
Click "Convert" and wait while being processed. After the ready message, open result file and check result.