You will need
  • medicines, cosmetic paraffin wax, the basics of psychotherapy
To begin the treatment of enuresis, it is necessary to identify the cause of disorders in the body. It can be diseases of the genitourinary system, slow maturation of nervous system, psychological trauma, heredity, etc. the disease is Diagnosed urologists, psychotherapists, neurologists and other specialists.
Secondary enuresis is more likely to occur if the child for a long time controlled the process of urination at night and abruptly stopped. In this form of the disease, the child must learn to monitor the volume of drink for the night fluid, so as not to overload the bladder. A few hours after falling asleep will Wake the baby, so he was able to empty the bladder and continue to sleep. Teach your child to monitor the cleanliness of the genital organs and eliminate hypothermia.
Drug treatment of enuresis includes the elimination of the disease which was the cause of the incontinence. For example, the lack of maturity of the nervous system involves the use of nootropic drugs, which normalize metabolic processes in the brain and contribute to its development. For the treatment can be used hormones, antidepressants, psychostimulants, by which is achieved a positive effect. In some cases it is helps to conduct psychotherapy sessions in combination with the main treatment. If your child has psychological disorders, it is necessary to protect against a variety of stressful situations that may arise in the family, school, society.
Diseases of the genitourinary system, it is recommended to take antibacterial medications and undergo physiotherapy. This course is aimed at warming up the pubic area. For this purpose, paraffin baths, which are applied for 20-30 minutes.