To insulate the floor in a wooden house, you can purchase and lay special linoleum with heat-insulating layer, and on top of it to put warm carpet. Of course, this simple and inexpensive method will not help to completely solve the problem, but for the first time will prevent heat loss.
A special installation of "warm floor". It helps to improve the indoor climate, even during severe frosts to walk around the room barefoot and ensures proper drying of the wood, preventing the penetration of moisture under the floor. This system generates heat using a heating cable which is laid across the floor and connects to an electrical outlet. The technology of installation of heating system requires no special skills. On the floor you need to lay aluminum foil over it to lay the heating cable and then pour all the concrete layer thickness 3 to 6 cm. from the Top you can lay linoleum flooring or warm carpet.
Warm wooden floors will also help polystyrene. This building material has a cellular structure which provides very good insulation. In addition, Styrofoam is durable in use and mainly used for insulation of floors on the ground and the floors above the cellars. It is laid directly on the concrete floor, eliminating the need for a waterproofing layer.
Effective way of insulation is flooring double floor. The first layer is the so – called rough floor, which is constructed as follows: for beams with special piles are fixed novistrana Board. This is done so that between them and the beams do not leave any gaps through which the floor can get wet, will cause such a negative process, as the decay. Further the Board is stacked organic insulation material, mineral wool, or expanded clay. As the upper layer can be laminate, carpet or linoleum.
Insulation with mineral wool. This material is best suited for such work. It is resistant to fire, has a high sound and thermal insulation, has a good waterproof performance, and over a long period of time retain their quality. Fit mineral wool so that the side not covered by the perforation was located at the top.