Advice 1: How to increase mailbox size

In your email stored a lot of emails that you essential, and you can't remove? But at the same time, you know that once the time will come, and your e-mail will not be able to save the whole amount of received and sent information. Don't worry about it: if necessary, the drawer can be "stretch".
How to increase mailbox size
Bottomless e-mail does not happen. Everything has a reasonable limit. However, a little "pump up" the box possible. As a rule, after registration in the email the user receives mail from the specified volume. In every e-mail your size, usually, from one hundred megabytes to ten gigabytes.
A function of the increase in postal box is present on almost all resources. Procedure "swap" addresses are almost identical. Although their differences also.
For example, in the Rambler, the user is provided a mailbox size of 200 megabytes. But it is impossible to increase. The fact that the size of the mail may be added only after the box together with the received, sent, trash, drafts and spam will fill up to 90 percent. When in the mail there will be only ten percent free space, the box can be enlarged by clicking on the appropriate button in the menu "Settings". On the left in the list of possible functions, click "Size box", and then proceed to "Zoom in".
A truly dimensionless box can be created on Yandex. Originally Yandex provides the user with a mail volume of 10 gigabytes. Later, when the box will be free less than two hundred megabytes, it will increase its volume. The user does not need to exert any effort. As required the box will automatically increase to one Gigabyte. The user also only need to regularly log in and go to the web interface of the mail service.
No bottomless box and the server But increase it too. Go to menu "Settings". It opens when you click the mouse on the item "More". Then select in the left list in the page section "mailbox size". Follow the link and click "Zoom in". Please note that "swap" size is possible only under the condition that you have reached the limit, and you are left free less than 100 MB. After that, increase the amount it will be possible for another two gigabytes.
Similar opportunities to increase grant and other email servers. User action do not differ from the procedure increase described in this article.

Advice 2 : How to change the page zoom

Scaling is a visual change in the page size or image without changing the data. To resize the page on your computer, you can directly in the shell of the program itself or using a special application Windows called "magnifier".
How to change the page zoom
Scale pages in the papers and on the Internet you can change both upwards and downwards. Scaling is very simple. To do this, hold right or left “CTRL” key and at the same time to scroll the mouse wheel.
Scrolling the wheel up, the page will increase, down – decrease. The original scale, or the default scale is the scale set to 100%. Every step in the scroll wheel changes the page zoom by 10%. Ie, one complete scroll changes the scale to 70% -120%.
Some browsers to browse Internet pages with Opera, and text editors, such as Microsoft Office Word, support the choice of the exact scale. In the lower right corner of such programs is the inscription "100%". It is worth to click on it as you will have the opportunity to change the scale on the preset (50%, 75%, 200%, etc.) and also use the zoom page width or screen.
To zoom in any part of the screen, while leaving the rest of the field scale to 100%, invoke the "magnifier". To do this, run "start" "All programs", "Standard". In the category of standard programs, locate the folder accessibility and select magnifier. The screen will display a special transparent window, printed on a grey border. Field of the screen, caught in the window, takes specified in magnifier scale. By default, the scale is changed to 2 times (200%).
All these methods will help quickly without special programs to change the page zoom.

Advice 3 : How to increase the size of my drawer

What to do with full of electronic mailbox, especially if the messages stored in it are important, and their removal is undesirable? The answer is simple - the "swap" mail by adding extra volume.
How to increase the size of my drawer
Virtually all email services offer their users the possibility of increasing the volume of e-mail. Despite the fact that when you create an electronic box volume all users the same (usually, it varies from 100 MB to 10 GB), as required to disappoint.
Large capacity e-mail immediately after registration offers the postal service "Yandex". But as soon as it will be less than two hundred megabytes of free space, the box itself will increase your volume in gigabytes. It is noteworthy that the user this for nothing in addition to the regular authorization and access the site, you need to do.
Similar properties and mail service From the home page box, go to "Settings" located on top bar under "More". On the left side of the window presents the various subsections of settings. Select "mailbox size", then click "Zoom in". But this operation can be performed only if in the mail will be less than 100 megabytes. After increasing the size of the mailbox grows another two gigabytes.
200 megabytes – a start-up volume provides postal service "Rambler". Box it also can be increased, but only when he was ninety percent filled with letters. After a threshold is reached, it will be possible to pump up the box, thereby increasing its size. Go to "Settings", go to the "Size box" and click "Zoom in".
In the same way you can add to increase the capacity of the e-box and other mail services. Just go to "Settings" and find the corresponding item.

Advice 4 : How to change the page zoom in your browser

Sometimes users of personal computers is not very convenient to work with standard installations of browsers. For your own comfort, all browsers settings you can change.
How to change the page zoom in your browser

The page zoom

Sometimes users may experience various inconveniences related to work in the browser. After the installation of a browser settings are set automatically (mostly depending on the size of the monitor screen), but they are not always convenient. For example, font size or display the page in the browser may be too small or big, but the most popular is the top of the page. Each browser provides the ability change these parameters, and to make it quite easy.


If you have installed the Mozilla Firefox browser, then change the display options page by clicking the button "View". This will open an additional window where you can change various settings. To zoom the page display, select "Zoom". To zoom in, you can click to Increase and decrease, respectively, Decrease. Immediately after clicking on these buttons, the scale will change and acquire one that you prefer. Of course that you can return to the default settings, use the button "Reset".

As for Internet Explorer, the process of changing the page magnification is the same here as in Mozilla Firefox. The only difference is that here you can choose from the already specified parameters or set your own values.

In the Opera browser to zoom the page you need to go to menu "Tools" and select "Settings". This will open additional window where you need to find the "General settings". Here the user can change a variety of display options page. On the tab "Web pages" user can choose the most suitable scale of the page (it is measured in percent. In addition, the browser can be changed so that they were located across the width. To do this, simply click on the appropriate button.

To change the page zoom in Google Chrome you need to click on the gear icon (wrench) located in the upper right corner of the window, and in the appeared menu select "Settings and management" and then specify the optimal scale. In the new versions of the program to change the scale easily. To do this, also click on the gear icon and find the item "Scale". Pressing the plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the page zoom.

In addition, all modern browsers support the ability to zoom with hot keys. Ctrl and + - zoom in and Ctrl and "-" - zoom out.
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