Bottomless e-mail does not happen. Everything has a reasonable limit. However, a little "pump up" the box possible. As a rule, after registration in the email the user receives mail from the specified volume. In every e-mail your size, usually, from one hundred megabytes to ten gigabytes.
A function of the increase in postal box is present on almost all resources. Procedure "swap" addresses are almost identical. Although their differences also.
For example, in the Rambler, the user is provided a mailbox size of 200 megabytes. But it is impossible to increase. The fact that the size of the mail may be added only after the box together with the received, sent, trash, drafts and spam will fill up to 90 percent. When in the mail there will be only ten percent free space, the box can be enlarged by clicking on the appropriate button in the menu "Settings". On the left in the list of possible functions, click "Size box", and then proceed to "Zoom in".
A truly dimensionless box can be created on Yandex. Originally Yandex provides the user with a mail volume of 10 gigabytes. Later, when the box will be free less than two hundred megabytes, it will increase its volume. The user does not need to exert any effort. As required the box will automatically increase to one Gigabyte. The user also only need to regularly log in and go to the web interface of the mail service.
No bottomless box and the server But increase it too. Go to menu "Settings". It opens when you click the mouse on the item "More". Then select in the left list in the page section "mailbox size". Follow the link and click "Zoom in". Please note that "swap" size is possible only under the condition that you have reached the limit, and you are left free less than 100 MB. After that, increase the amount it will be possible for another two gigabytes.
Similar opportunities to increase grant and other email servers. User action do not differ from the procedure increase described in this article.