You will need
  • Gloves
  • - Sponge
  • - Rag
  • - Vinegar
  • - Citric acid
  • - Baking soda
  • - Cleaning of the oven
Most often, oily dirt found in the kitchen. And no wonder, just spray the oil from the pan are worth. When cooking write always stand out oil mist that oily film deposited on the walls and cabinets. This film does not take the usual detergent, in this case, the owner will have to resort to heavy artillery.
Of course, you can take advantage of the many vigorous means, in great abundance in trade. For example, conventional spray cleaning ovens, coated on the surface of the cabinets, for 5-10 minutes to dissolve all the dirt and grease will not remain and a trace. Only do not forget then ventilate the kitchen.
But if the family has allergies, the chemicals do not get carried away. Especially that oily film is easily removed and less safe means, namely, regular baking powder, replace that with a mixture of baking soda and citric acid. Liberally sprinkle the contaminated area, spray the surface with spray and wait some time. Under the influence of reagents the fat will gather into clumps, which you will only have to collect the wet rag.
Many ovens today have a built-in feature of pyrolysis. In this process, all stuck on the walls of the oven the fat is burned, and the oven shines with purity. You can not say about microwave ovens. But you can do without vigorous chemicals. Pour into a bowl of water with vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and turn on the microwave on the biggest power for 3 minutes. Open the microwave and look inside, if the fat does not become soft, then run another three-minute cycle. Then wipe the walls with a sponge dampened with undiluted vinegar, wait half a minute and can clean the dirt with a damp cloth. You are not only washed clean microwave oven from fat, but also disinfect it.
Dishes fat is best removed regular mustard powder. Just soak greasy dishes in hot water with diluted mustard, and it will Shine clean. So there is no need to poison myself with chemicals of unknown origin. To get rid of fat and can be an organic means without any harm to themselves and the environment.