You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • browser that you use for work.
Every observer, regardless of the program's developers, holds in its bosom the history of visited addresses of Internet resources. To view it, visit log.
Information about all visited pages in Mozilla FireFox is in a special section. To get started, click the browser icon at the top. In the opened window, select the "Journal" section that displays all the user activity on the Internet.
Go to "Show all history" and click "Library", which presents the entire list of visited pages. Select the unwanted address, click on them right-click and delete.
Edit your browsing history in Mozilla you can also use the following keyboard shortcuts keyboard. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + H, you will open the "library". The buttons Ctrl + Shift + Del – delete the ' unnecessary sites.
Fast and practical the Google Chrome browser stores information about visited websites in the menu "Settings". Click on the icon "key" on the browser toolbar and go to "History". Click on this link, then go to the page where you can see all visited addresses.
In Internet Explorer the history of previously opened pages can be seen by pressing CTRL + H. In the sidebar of the browser you will see a history of all visited sites. Change it by removing unnecessary addresses, you can right-click.
All data on the Internet store and computer. To remove them through the "start" button go to "control Panel". Select "Internet options". Then delete cookies in the history of the Internet.