Western Union is one of the most expensive services to transfer money, but this is more than kompensiruet lots of offices of this company around the world. To send money, go to the official website and select the country "the Russian Federation". Click on the "Find service". Select your city and find the nearest service point. Then change the country to "Poland" and set English. Click on "Find a location", and then locate the city where the recipient is located. Write it down.
When visiting a Western Union service station bring your passport. On the spot fill out the application for money transfer. It must specify the full name of the recipient, transfer amount, and the city and the country in which it will be possible to obtain. Pass the statement along with payment of fee and amount to transfer to the operator.
Tell the recipient about the control number of money transfer and the transfer amount. Will notify him that to obtain the cash you will need to call the MTCN, full name of sender, amount of transfer, country of origin, and provide proof of identity.
For translation assistance Contact, go to the official website and click on the link "Where to send". Select your country and city, Department to send. Click on the link "Where to". Select the country "Poland" and then the city where the recipient is located and the Department. Write down its code consisting of four letters. Calculate the amount of fee for sending based on the table, by clicking on the link "transfer funds" and then "Rates".
In facility Contact name, recipient's name, the city in which you want to transfer and the transfer amount and a letter code of the Department to which you are sending the money. After payment of fee you will be in the hands of the receipt, which will be a unique transfer code, date and amount of payment and name of the recipient. Pass all this information to whom you are sending the money.