You will need
  • - Network cables.
If you want to create a home local network, you will need to properly configure the router. Connect its network equipment to AC power. Purchase two network cables are straight wire. With their help, connect the computers to the LAN ports of the router. Remember that each PC must be a free network card.
Turn on the router and computers. On one of the PC start the Internet browser. Open the user manual to your network hardware and figure out standard IP address for this device. Enter a value in the url field of the browser. Press the Enter key.
After logging into the web interface of your router settings to open the LAN menu. Select the appropriate parameters of the device. Activate the DHCP function and Firewall to facilitate the setup of computers. Save, your settings. Restart the router. To do this, click the corresponding button in the settings menu or just unplug the equipment from the mains for a while.
Reset the network adapters on both computers. Click "start" and select "Network connections". Go to the list of available network connections. Open the properties of the network card that is connected to the router. Highlight "Internet Protocol TCP/IP".
Check the box next to "Obtain an IP address automatically". If using this router, the computer to access external resources, select the item "Obtain DNS server address automatically". Click Ok to save the settings and close the dialog. Wait until the network adapter will get a new IP address.
Similarly configure the network card of the second computer. It should be noted that when working with Windows Vista and 7 you need to change the TCP/IPv4.