Before you can configure ICQ to the iPhone, connect the Internet connection. Run existing iPhone, click Sources. Click Edit, then Add. Enter address window: Then press Done and Refresh. The iPhone will be a new source Stariy.COM.
In the tab Install, open the folder Stariy.COM. Install the BSD Subsystem. To do this, confirm the installation by clicking on Install button. After installation turn off and on the Apple iPhone.
Run The , click Install, open the folder Stariy.COM. Install the program "Apollo IM (RUS)" confirming the installation by clicking the Install button.. On the iPhone home screen, locate the program icon, click on it. Select Add, then ICQ.
To complete the setup ICQ to the iPhone save your ICQ number and password. Please note that the nickname need not be introduced. Activate the ICQ account, click Log In.
If in the process of setting up ICQ to the iPhone a message appears: "Could not connect to authentication server: No route to host", then check if there is Internet connection and there are no problems with the Hosts file. If necessary, install the patch IM Chat 1.1.3 Fix you will find in the folder All programs Installer
Send a test message to the user. You should have no problems with typing in Russian language and display names. You will see the contacts that are not hidden and are online. The contact sheet will be taken up with the server, so you don't need to enter user names.
Messages from the current user ICQ Apollo IM is displayed in the form of chat. A message from another user will appear in the pop-up window. When the program runs in the background, then the label displays the number of unread messages.