You will need
  • hose;
  • - clamps
  • - pump (if there is no water supply or the system is filled with antifreeze).
To pump the system heating open type, it is sufficient to pour the water into the surge tank. The mechanism of venting in an open system is not provided. As filling of the pipeline, boiler and radiators, the air will rise upwards and exit through the surge tank.
Open system heating is rarely used in houses. A modern heating system of the closed type, which has a filling and a drain tap.
To download system of heating a closed type connect the hose at one end to a water supply, the filling tap. All connections are secure using clamps. Open the water supply and water system of heating.
If you have a monitoring system, pressure, inflate water as long as the sensor the gauge won't show a 1.5-2 ATM.
The pressure in the water system allows you to fill the heating system without the use of additional devices. After complete filling the system, you will remain razvedchicy using a special device that is installed on the bypass.
If you have no water, pump the system heating with the water pump. The principle is exactly the same as when using water. Attach the hose to the outlet of the pump, other end to filler tap, open the tap, turn on the pump.
With a pump you can pump the system heatingif you fill it with antifreeze. Antifreeze to use rationally only in the case if you do not live in the house and visit it from time to time, for example a holiday home. Don't forget, if you boiler is under warranty, the injection system, heating antifreeze you automatically lose the warranty service of the boiler.
After filling the heating system, turn on the circulation pump, let the air out, close all the faucets. Then you can use the system for its intended purpose.