You will need
  • — computer
  • — Internet access
  • — e-mail
The first rule. Never leave your e-mail address anywhere but checked online resources. Self-respecting and the resources of its users will never give a database with email addresses to third parties. In addition, quality resources, you can usually hide from prying eyes your personal information including your email address.
The second rule. If you need to share your email address on any open resource, for example, on the forum, you can not give it directly. If your address is user@domain.ruthen email it, for example, like this: user [at] domain [dot] ru. Less than the standard you describe your address, the less likely that spam bots can read it and put in your database for mailings.
The third rule. When registering for any Internet resources require you to enter the email address (now the majority), always pay attention to the conditions and tick the box at the bottom of the registration form. Very often there are items like "I agree to receive newsletters with news of our company." In most cases, you'll be quite interesting to receive such a letter, feel free to remove the checkmark in these items. If the registration without subscription is impossible, you almost always will be able to find similar functionality, but a decent resource.
The fourth rule. Never reply to spam emails, even if it says "to unsubscribe from our mailing list, simply reply to this email". Your response will be processed by a spam robot that will mark your email address "live", that is active, and instead of one letter a day you soon will get a hundred.
Rule the fifth. If spam still sometimes reaches your Inbox, delete unwanted messages, it is always better to use the function "mark as spam". A good e-mail services like Google Mail (Gmail), Yahoo.Mail, etc., have built-in protection from spam, which can be trained. Each marked letter, will be reviewed by system anti-spam, and soon similar messages will not get to you in the mail.