If you allow for the possibility, contact a qualified attorney dealing with criminal law, which will help you to make a statement on bringing to criminal liability of guilty person. In the future this expert will help you make a claim in court and will represent your interests in court when considering your case.
If you experience a criminal liability, on the terms of two persons, you should write the application in private. This statement may also be prepared by a qualified lawyer or yourself.
The statement written on a sheet A4. In the upper left corner, specify the name of the Executive authority to which you submit an application. The line below write your name, name and patronymic, the address of actual place of residence.
In the statement ask to bring to criminal responsibility the person who has caused you physical, moral or material damage, specifying the surname, name, patronymic and address of actual residence, if you will, of course, have such information.
Hereinafter describe in detail the situation occurred in which you suffered a damage, which falls under the category of criminal responsibility.
Below the main text ask for as proof, to bring witnesses, if any. Attach photocopies of evidence documents such as a certificate from the trauma of the item, audio or video.
At the end of the statement specify the date of submission of the document to law enforcement and sign your name, do not forget to decipher it.
To send the statement on bringing to criminal liability of guilty person can be in person or by registered mail with notification. With a statement should contact the investigation division at the Prosecutor's office, nearest police station or magistrate. Be sure to ask the law enforcement officer taking your statement, incoming registration number.