Usually friends decorate the room in advance a large number of colored balloons, if the celebration is happening at home. So stock up on balls or contact the Agency that deals with decoration of premises.
You need to know that if you are invited to celebrate the Day of birth, then you need to bring the alcoholic beverage that you prefer. By the way, if you don't drink, you can carry with you.
The usual meal should not wait. Likely to be buffet style and you can bring your own food and eat it themselves. This is not avarice, but with the Allergy, which can have guests for a meal, and also with the fact that on this day, the birthday boy does not have to bother yourself great preparation. The main thing in English Day of birth no food, and meeting friends who came to congratulate. If the party's in the restaurant or cafe, you need to prepare for the fact that everyone is going to pay for itself.
Coming to the English Day of birth, present beautifully designed birthday gift, and a greeting card with warm words and wishes. Gifts are not accepted immediately deploy at all, they must first put in a certain place, and deployed later, when they're all set or even after departure.
Known worldwide for a song with the words Happy birthday to you! all the guests sing the birthday boy in that moment, when he blows out the candles on your birthday cake. And I must say that the cake or the cake with candles – this is a mandatory attribute, however, it can look like a personal small cupcake with a single candle, but more often it is a big cake with so many candles, how many turns years birthday.
If we decided to pull the ears, congratulating with the Day of birth, in England there is a tradition to throw up as many times as years person turned.
On the Days of birth is not accepted to give to friends expensive gifts, not to put people in an awkward position. It is possible that the birthday boy himself will announce its list, and each guest will be determined by the gift. Instead of bouquets, it is appropriate to give a flower in a pot – the English love flowers.