If your goal is to please his wife or girlfriend, ask her to go to Greece. First, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature, attend tours, and at the same time to purchase a quality fur products, as in Greece, shops selling them, in March which provide customers with significant discounts.
To sunbathe and relax in comfort in March, it is best to choose a trip to Thailand, Arab Emirates, Turkey and Tunisia. In Thailand is very hot and almost no precipitation. If you don't like the heat, choose the Emirates, the day temperature rises to +26oC. In Turkey at this time the weather is cool, but it is possible to use the heated pools. In addition, there are going skiing. In Tunisia in the spring cold, but the prices in the resorts are the lowest.
A win-win celebration of 8th of March – a trip to the Canary Islands, the largest of which is Tenerife. The weather in March is excellent. If the day temperature is +24C, the water warms up to +21оС. You can relax on the pebble beaches, admire the Golden beaches with sand dredged from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy all the recreational activities available on the Islands.
If your girlfriend or wife - a lover of active rest, invite her to spend the 8th of March in Austria, France, Switzerland, Andorra. The resorts in these countries can be skiing, horse-riding or Cycling, and you can just relax, enjoying the views of nature and fresh air. A similar but slightly more modest vacation awaits you in countries such as Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia.
If you have no home, and have a desire to make the trip on March 8, take tours day. You can go on a tour of the Baltic States, Ukraine, or to visit the two cities, for example St. – Petersburg and Moscow. Star trip – a day trip to one of the ancient Russian cities. A trip to Tver and Uglich you will remember forever, if next to you will be a loved one.