Bad credit history

If you have delayed payments on the loan, i.e., violated the terms of the contract with the Bank, the latter shall have the right to require you to pay not only the arrears, but the entire loan amount with accrued interest.

Usually the Bank sets the terms of repayment, but it cannot be less than a month from the moment of sending you a notification.

The same applies to delays in the payment of compulsory insurance. If you stay more than a month late with her payment, the Bank can demand full repayment of the loan.

Misuse of loan

Consumer credit is issued for a specific goal: buy a car, a country house etc. If you spend the money for other purposes, wait for the notice of early repayment of the loan.

Can I repay the loan early without a fee?

. Until 2011, for wanting to close the loan before the deadline, the borrower had to pay respectable fines or fee. But with the 2011 amendments to the Civil code, banks are prohibited to do it. However, if you are a legal entity or private entrepreneur the Bank may assign a fee for early repayment.

Is it possible to prepay a mortgage?

Basically contracts are made so that early repayment is envisaged and discussed. The holder of a mortgage square meters is advantageous to pay off the Bank early, the Bank is unprofitable. And the Bank is their ploy not to miss her. Recently extended the scheme annuitant payments when the monthly payment is composed of interest and a small part of the principal debt. Sometimes the subject of the contract may be a condition under which the borrower within a certain period of time can not repay a loan. Read the contract carefully!


The Bank may not require to repay the loan early, if you timely make the payments diligently fulfill the obligations of the insurance, comply with all the terms of the contract. And even economic or financial crisis cannot be an occasion for bringing to you the requirements to repay the debt before the deadline.