When you receive a checkbook in the Bank immediately enter on each sheet the name of the company and account number, or stamp your organization if it contains these details.
Install conditional rating checks, for example, 1 ruble for 1 form in the order on accounting policies. Received cheque book surrendered the debit off-balance sheet account 006 "Forms of the strict reporting" at a cost of 25 or 50 rubles depending on the number of sheets in the book. Make this operation an accounting certificate.
The remuneration of the Bank for issue of cheque books is accounted for within operating, non-operating or other expenses, so make a posting to the debit account 91 "other incomes and costs" the credit of account 51 "Settlement account" in the amount of the fee if it is deducted from the account memorial slip, or account 71 "Calculations with accountable persons", if paid in cash through the cashier. If you want to consider the cost of a checkbook in mutual settlements with the Bank, flip it on account 60 "Calculations with suppliers and contractors": Dt 91 Kt 60 Dt 60 Kt 51 Typically, services of the Bank related to cash and settlement services, are not subject to VAT, but if you were given the invoice for issuing checkbook and allocated VAT, the transactions should also make use of account 19 "the value-added Tax on the acquired values": Dt 91 Kt 51 - amount of the fee without VAT; Dt 19 51 CT - VAT.
As for getting the money in the Bank financially responsible person (cashier, accountant) is given a separate check, and write them each separately. Arrange the spending of the cheque act write-offs and make appropriate transaction on the loan account off-balance 006.
Typically, the checkbook is kept in a safe at the cashier or chief accountant, and fully used can be stored as the responsible person of the accounting Department and in the archive for 5 years.