In order to avoid arrest on the property, in advance, receive all necessary information about the trial. Provide all the necessary documents, be on call bailiff, try to establish a trusting business relationship, Express your willingness to cooperate, in any case, do not hide not avoid communication.
Contact the court for stay of execution of the judicial act. If you have the necessary grounds, the court will grant installments of repayment of debt for the stated and agreed schedule. All parties in most cases are interested to do without the seizure of property.
The debtor's property directly involved in production activities, is not removed, so this leads to stopping of work or individuals. You have the right to specify the subjects and objects that are first and foremost supposed to seize.
In advance give some property under the contract to third parties. Arrest is imposed only on items owned by the debtor. Provide bailiff of the documents indicating the ownership of the property to third parties.
Bankruptcy is an extreme measure of avoiding compulsory withdrawal of property of the debtor. When you declare bankruptcy, a lien on the property removed.
In accordance with the laws of the following property may not be seized to recover debt: housing, if it is only the debtor; the land on which is located the premises; food; tools and equipment necessary for professional activity of the debtor; home interior products. The debtor may appeal the actions of a bailiff, and he has the right to request the suspension of the judicial process.