You will need
  • - the passport.
Find out on what basis the Bank makes you a claim. For example, if you call and demand payment on the loan, which you have not received, find out the maximum amount of information: the caller name, Bank name, contract number, which alleged the loan was issued, the date of conclusion of this agreement. If you were given all this information, please call the phone Bank available on the official website or in the Handbook of organizations. This way you will be able to understand whether the cost of treatment to you scammers.
If the information is confirmed and the Bank makes the claim for you, come to one of his offices and try to figure out the issue. Explain that you have nothing to do with the current situation. Ask them to show you the inspection agreement allegedly made in your name. Even if it exists, the handwriting will be able to prove that the signature does not belong to you.
Contact the police and explain the situation. It is quite possible that the Bank will waive its claims against you before the case. If not, then your innocence will prove is the police. If you doubt that you will be able to defend their rights themselves, contact your lawyer - he will help you if necessary to defend their rights in court.
Then proceed according to circumstances. Most likely, you will have to resolve the issue through civil litigation. If you did not sign any Bank documents, your innocence to this loan will be proved.
When deciding in your favor make sure your information was changed to the Bureau of credit histories. Find out what the BCI has partnered the Bank loan which you really didn't. Then contact them by sending a request for deleting the episode from your credit history on the basis of a court decision. They will be required to make to their database changes. You can check this in a few months, ordering a free statement from your credit history. Any excess credits and delay payments non-existent there appear should not.