Visit sports event held in your city this day, for example, hockey or volleyball. The schedule of the matches and competitions you can find on the website of the city team. Keep in mind that the use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted at all events, so celebrating will have to continue after visiting the competition.
Contact the Council of veterans of your city and offer your services in organizing and conducting commemorative events for the participants of the great Patriotic War. Even if you and your friends don't play instruments and don't sing war songs, you will be able to assist in the preparation of the hall or Banquet, accompanied by veterans to the place of celebration.
Visit the night club. On the occasion of the celebration of defender of the Fatherland Day, many schools will organize a festive program, which includes contests, dancing and sports, so bored you don't have to. Find out in advance whether to book a table because on weekends wishing to visit the club can be many.
Organize a ski trip at the Park or the forest. If training friends allows, you can go skiing, if equipped locations available in your area. In addition to recreation, you can include in a festive winter barbecue, a dancing in the snow and the awarding of medals and awards to all participants of the weekend. Think of comic nomination for each of the invited men. Finish the evening with fireworks, but keep in mind that fireworks can be arranged in strictly designated areas.
Do what you and your friends never did, for example, go Curling or ice-skating. You will all be approximately in the same position, if you do not have practice, you will have a great reason to joke on each other.