Advice 1: How to get out of depression yourself

Nowadays, the recommendation of the exit from depression are especially acute. According to who statistics, every 10th citizen is suffering from this disease. Moreover, it is only the official data, when depression is noted as a disease and treated with the help of a professional psychotherapist. And how many people who are depressed, do not turn to doctors, no one believed. Meanwhile, to deal with the condition when life seems meaningless and grey, and the mood at zero (or even minus sign) must, in order not to aggravate the situation. There are several tricks that help to get out of depression by yourself.
How to get out of depression yourself
One of the best ways to handle depression on your own are sports activities and walks in the fresh air. A few tips on how to get out of depression by yourself: ◊ ensure that your diet included only "healthy" food
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How to get out of depression by yourself? Do not think that depression is such a General slight discomfort which can suppress and after some time to continue to live in a good mood . all physicians have long recognized the fact that depression is a disease is quite serious. And if it works, then the case may go too far, which can lead to disastrous consequences.

Advice 2 : How easy it is to get out of depression

Each of us though time in a life faced with depression, when I worry about you, everything is annoying, it seems that no one understands and I want to leave at the end of the world and no one to see. This happens for various reasons, but mainly because of the overload, that is fatigue.
How easy it is to get out of depression

The first thing to do is to calm down, sit back, relax, and think, and do you like your life? Like what do you do if the person next to you (I mean the second half). Do the conditions in which you live? There is something in this list is not for you. When a person is all right, he had no depression. And all these psychologists, pills sedative - this pushes the depression, and does not eradicate.

If you don't like the job, now there is the Internet and a lot of selection of different activities, no matter how old you are, whether it's 30 or 50. Love to knit - get it on sale; to sew, to paint, same thing. Go for massage, do it at home. You just need to figure out what you like, and a little imagination.

Perhaps you realized that the person next to you - not your spouse, but as to part, if many years together. There is a need to go to any club aside, to dance, to English, which is interesting. There will be new people, new social circle, new friends and will be much easier to say goodbye or to reconsider (after all, everything is relative).

Well, with the terms much easier, save money to increase the square footage or the same footage of the apartment, but with better facilities in a new building, with good neighbors. And yet do rearranging, redecorating and breathing immediately becomes easier.

Here are a few rules that have to help cope with depression.

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