Please read carefully the terms of the payment via SMS. Find out whether this resource your mobile operator, check the rate and Commission, as well as restrictions on the transfer amount and number of transactions. So, for example, if you want to pay for online play, it is recommended not to send an SMS with the same code with different phone numbers because it will be perceived by administrators as a fraud.
The short number to which you want to send payment via SMS. As a rule, many companies use the same numbers for SMSpayment, so it is possible to know in advance the actual cost of such transfer.
Enter in a search engine query with the value of the desired number and check fares for various operators. For example, SMS to the number 7099 average is slightly more than 35 rubles, so if you need to pay only 10 rubles, then most likely the website-the seller is a fraud.
Type the SMSmessage which is required to make a payment. Typically, the message contains information about your account, buying and payment amount. It is not necessary to invent and add extra information. SMS must comply with specified details on seller's website. Otherwise will go incorrect request for payment and the payment will not reach the addressee.
Receive a response message about the transfer of funds from your mobile account to the account of the seller. If you have not received paid goods or services, the SMS will be the proof of payment.
Send the confirmation code when the payment for the goods is made with reference to the Internet site your phone number. In this case, the system processes your request and sends you an SMS-notification with the need to confirm the withdrawal of funds from a mobile account. Enter the code and send a message to a specified number.