There are several ways by which you can find a purse in Webmoney. First and foremost, check your email. After check wallet system is complete, you should receive a letter stating WMID – identification number assigned to the wallet.
If for any reason the letter is not, you can try another option. Open the login page in the resource of Webmoney. It is assumed that you chose one of the options (methods) of entry: with a certificate by the Enum-authorization or a login and a password.
If you installed the certificate after choosing this method of login, you will automatically be taken in your wallet, where you will find all of the missing data (WMID, WMR/WMZ - number of ruble or foreign currency wallet).
If you chose one of the methods Enum-authorization (question-answer on the cell phone, the fingerprint or via messages), you do not have to know the number of WMID or purse, it is enough to match fingerprints or what have you is exactly the number you specified.
Sign in using the username and password is not recommended by the system, not too as protects against unauthorized access and does not provide a sufficient degree of safety of funds in your wallet. However, if you remember the data you need, enter them and you will be taken to the office with a list of wallets and a number WMID.
In that case, if you can't log in on the login page, contact support Webmoney, describe the problem and report the data that you specified during registration, the surname, name and patronymic, mobile phone number. In this case you must specify the correct your email address, otherwise you will not be able to answer.