You will need
  • — power supply standard ATX.
Almost all modern BP is the unitand standard ATX. Next, you will learn the procedure for the inclusion of such unitand food. Check whether your PSU standard ATX. To see the relevant information on the device.
The procedure of starting the unitand power supply without a computer requires compliance with certain safety regulations. Before the procedure, block food, of course, must be disconnected from the network. You'll need a small wire on both edges which you should remove a bit of insulation (several millimeters is enough).
Insert the power cable connect power to unit power, but to the network it does not connect. Then connect one end of the wire into connector PS-ON. Usually by this connector fits the green wire, but cheap Chinese unitAh supply wire color may be different. The second end of the wire connect to one of the GND (COM) ports (they are black wires).
Then insert the wire power in the electrical network. The unit power will work. However, the device is better not to use this mode for a long period of time due to the fact that it works without load.
But if you want to check the noise characteristics of the unitand power supply, it may need time. In this case connect to PSU several devices, such as optical drive or hard disk. In this case, the unit power will work with the load, respectively, it can be used longer. Besides, this way you reduce the risk of failure of the device to a minimum.