You will need
  • - 50 g cotton or bamboo yarn;
  • hook.
Get the right threads. For fine delicate hats will suit cotton or bamboo threads. They can be solid and heathered.
Choose a hook depending on the thickness of the yarn that you are knitting a hat. Recommended hook number indicated on the label, also you can consult the seller. Knitting from fine yarn suitable hooks №1,5–2.
Tie a chain of 20 loops. Lock her in a circle and tie it the bars without nakida in each loop of the previous row.
Next knit openwork pattern, for example, arches, loops. For this link 24 arches of 21 air loops. Their tops connect chains of 6 loops.
Using 2 rows and tie them to the bars without nakida. Arches can be done on a smaller number of loops, but then the number of rows will be correspondingly greater.
The bottom cap tie arches. To do this, make chain of 6 loops and connect them staggered in each successive row. The number of rows depends on the desired depth of hat. You can periodically try on the product and adjust the binding.
Next, associate the headband. To do this, knit all the loops of the previous row of columns without nakida. For rim, it is sufficient to purl into the 4-5 series. The last row tie "crayfish step." Cap ready.
Necromante it in a weak solution of starch. Put on the form. It can be any three-liter jar. Allow cap to dry. However, if you knit from blended yarns with the content of the acrylic, the starch in the product is not necessary.
Openwork cap would look nicer if you decorate it with knitted flower. You can also put a satin ribbon in the bottom of the cap or sew to the tops of the arches of beads of different sizes and colors. Or stick the rhinestones using a hot glue gun.