Scrolling – configurable parameter. The basic settings are defined via the "Mouse", they apply to all applications, and the way the scrolling can be set and cleared by using the browser. The last settings will be in effect when working on the Internet.
To disable smooth scrolling while browsing the Internet resources, run the browser and click the menu "Tools", point "Settings". Internet Explorer – click "tools", select "Internet options". If the menu is not displayed, click on the upper or bottom panel in the browser window and select marker from the context menu the item "menu Bar" or "menu bar".
After open the "Settings" window, go to the advanced tab and make active partition "Common". In the "Browsing" remove the marker from the field "Use smooth scrolling" and click OK.
To disable auto-scroll remove the marker from the field "Use automatic scrolling". For Internet Explorer – navigate through the list of available options using the scroll bar until you find the desired items.
To configure General settings scroll refer to a component "Mouse". To do this, access the "control Panel" via "start menu". In the category "Printers and other hardware" click "Mouse".
In the opened window "properties of: Mouse" click "Wheel" and adjust the scrolling according to your requirements. The marker set in the "Screen" to move the image on the monitor at a distance equal to the height of the screen.
If this setting is too high, set the marker in the field "For a specified number of lines" and enter the desired value using the keypad or arrow keys. A value of "zero" cannot be installed. Apply new settings and close the window.