You will need
  • - computer with Windows.
If you are using Windows XP operating system, then change the extension of the file in the video can be this way. Click on the file with right-click. In the context menu select "Rename". The extension of the file follows immediately after the name, after which you need to register. In most cases, the extension of the videofile, Avi. But, of course, may be other options, such as 3gp, this format is often used in mobile phones. If the video is in DVD format, its extension is Vob.
May be a case where the extension files in Windows XP is not displayed. To activate the display please follow the steps below. Click on any folder, right-click and from the context menu select "Properties". Then go to the tab "View". There find the line "Hide extensions for known file types". Clear the check box next to that line. Save the changes. To do this, click "Apply" and OK. Now you can change the extension of files.
In Windows 7 the default extension of the files is not available. To activate it, you must do so. Click "Start". Go to "control Panel" and open "folder Options". Next go to the tab "View" and uncheck the box next to "Hide extensions for known file types". Click Apply and OK. Now you can change the extension of the file.
Click the right mouse button and select "Rename". You will see that the name of the file will be highlighted, followed by its extension. That is the Unallocated part and you want to rename. If you see only the selection, this means that the video file is not registered any extensions that you should add immediately after the name of the file.