Download the utility to convert video files, for example, Any Video Converter. This is a free and convenient tool for working with a very large range of standards and types of video. As an alternative you can use Total Video Converter or Format Factory. These programs can also change the type of video file into avi.
Click on the link to the site developer AVC — or any soft-portal on the Internet, for example or if you prefer another program. Click the "Download" button or Download and download the installation file.
Install the software for converting data. To do this, look in the downloads folder of your browser installation file that you downloaded. This is usually the folder "My ДокументыDownloads", but other options are possible. Start by double-clicking the installation program and answer the wizard's questions. When this is all over, you have the desktop shortcut to start the program.
Open Any Video Converter. Double click on the shortcut with the left mouse button or find the folder in "start menu", sub menu "All programs". Click "Add video", it is in the top left of the window. Select the file you want to edit. The title of the video and its settings will appear in the main part of the window.
Select the line "Custom AVI" from the drop-down menu in the right part of the program, right above the video window. At the bottom, under the preview area, select the encoding options. To do this scroll the list of possible settings, and click the left mouse button on the desired line and select the appropriate option. For example, it is recommended to specify "video Resolution" Original order did not change the proportions of the image. Also, set "frame rate" in the AUTO position.
Click "Encode" when you have finished configuring the settings. This button is at the top of the program window. Wait for completion for process control next to the name of the file appears and a progress bar of conversion. After the end of conversion the program will offer to open the resulting file.