You will need
  • balloons;
  • - photographs of the child;
  • - the drawing paper;
  • - tinsel;
  • bright tablecloth;
  • - napkins with a fun pattern;
  • - a set of the same ware;
  • - children's table with several main dishes and side dishes;
  • games;
  • cartoons;
  • - Souvenirs for guests.
Take care of the decoration of the room, where you will celebrate the day of birth. Hang pictures on the walls of a baby, as most first, where you take him from the hospital and the last. Can you think of a newspaper with pictures of your child and funny greetings.
Decorate the room with balloons. Don't forget to lay on the table with bright tablecloth, buy special wipes with children's drawings. All of these things will help to create a festive atmosphere. The child may not fully understand why the guests gathered, but the bright colors he'll love. Also don't forget to decorate the chair of the child tinsel and balloons – the day it needs to feel special. Show your child the festively decorated room, tell him that all this is done for him.
Pay special attention to the menu. If you plan to invite little friends for your birthday, make sure that on the table there were a few main dishes and several side dishes – children are often picky with food. Put all the guests the same plates and glasses. This is for adult various drawings of the glasses seem to be a real trifle, but in children it can reach up to a deadly resentment due to the fact that the neighbor picture more beautiful.
Think about what games you can spend with the children how cartoons you'll show them. Toddlers are still poorly coordinated in their movements, so it will be enough if you slightly move the circle around the birthday boy or threw the ball.
Prepare small gifts for your little guests. Kids may not understand why they give them only a birthday, decide that they have forgotten about, and childlike to try to restore justice – to take the gifts to the celebrant. If you take care of the small Souvenirs for all participants in advance, everyone on the holiday will remain a positive experience.