You will need
  • - chamomile
  • - camphor oil
Pass the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis – it could be a stool or discharge from the nasal passages, purulent wounds, etc. After the pathogen is detected, it is necessary to make crops on sensitivity. This analysis is necessary for the purpose of effective antibacterial drugs.
Antibiotics are not always effective in the treatment of staph, but subject to proper selection of drugs are sometimes used in the treatment of infants.
An important condition for cure is the strict observance of cleanliness and hygiene in the child care – clean hands and treated with small cracks and sores, frequent diaper changes, bathing the baby, etc. All clothes should be washed and ironed on both sides.
Selection of drugs includes, in addition to new-generation antibiotics, antiseptic agents, immunostimulating drugs, bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are the most effective means of exposure to staph, but the choice of drugs depends on the form of the disease and the affected area. With the defeat of a staph infection of the digestive system is necessary to prevent dehydration – frequent breastfeeding, dobivanie water and the use of special liquids. Affected eyes should be washed with decoction of chamomile or boiled water, between the instillation of antiseptic solutions. Purulent bubbles need to treat camphor oil. If the baby develops sepsis, then you may need a blood transfusion, intravenous vitamins and plasma.
For restoration of intestinal microflora after treatment you need to give your child a broth chamomile preparations with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. If the baby is fed mother's milk, should be strictly monitor the diet of the mom – to add fermented beverages, reduce consumption of sweets. The child on the artificial feeding are fed a special low-lactose mixtures, mixtures with a peptide complex. If the baby is suffering from constipation (which is often during treatment), then he needs to do enemas – before feeding, preferably in the morning.