Staphylococcus aureus detected by vysielanie bacteria from fecal tests, smears the internal OS of the nose and the mouth. In addition, you can take the analysis of breast milk, 50 ml is Usually enough, children who are breastfed, are infected through mother's milk. In the latter case, you will need to treat both mom and baby. Based on these data, calculate the number of the causative organism and its susceptibility to a particular treatment. If you do not pass the tests, the result of treatment will not be effective, as it was originally assigned is not correct. The most effective method of treatment for Golden staphand are bacteriophages, which are divided into different groups of the interaction on disease.
Consult a doctor-pediatrician, who will prescribe treatment in accordance with the age of the child. Staphylococcus aureus treated with eubacterial, bacteriophages usual. Conditionally pathogenic microflora of the intestine treatable bad, it takes a long period and helps in conjunction with other means to improve the activity of intestinal peristalsis. At the same time prescribe enemas that make in the morning, before eating, in order to deep bowel cleansing.
Do not give your child during treatment with antibiotics that kill the beneficial microflora in the intestines and provoke the overgrowth of pathogenic flora. In this case, the children observed bloating, accompanied by severe pain, constipation or diarrhea, flatulence. This disease is treated in the infectious hospitals under the supervision of qualified medical personnel.
To restore the microflora of the body give your baby a chamomile teas, preparations containing bifidobacteria and lactobacteria. If you are breastfeeding, adjust its own menu. Children on artificial feeding appoint a special mixture with low content of lactose or mixtures containing peptide complex. Breast milk contains all necessary for improvement of intestinal substances, and over time his work is normalized and stabiliziruemost.