You will need
  • -Internet access;
  • -iPhone
The main way to purchase and install apps for your iPhone recommended by the company Apple's signature app store AppStore. There are over 250,000 apps for the iPhone and other Apple mobile devices. In order to download software from the AppStore, you need to create an account in this online shop.
Select AppStore, then click on the flag and change the country to USA. Create a new account (Create New Account) and click the “Continue” button. You will be prompted to read the license agreement. Click “Continue”.
In the window that appears, enter your email address and create a password and secret question and answer, then enter your date of birth in the appropriate field (if you are under 18 years of age - enter the date of birth of one of the parents).
As payment method select "None" ("No"). Enter your name and check your email to complete your registration. This account in the AppStore will let you download and install only free apps from the AppStore directly from your phone (the corresponding icon on your iPhone) or via iTunes on the computer and on the phone.
To buy paid apps will have to use virtual prepaid cards AppStore, which are sold on the Internet from dealers. Unfortunately, the official AppStore and iTunes is up to Russia has not yet reached.
Another way to download programs on iPhone which is used by majority of hackers and gamers is to install AppSync. This plugin allows you to install in one click any software on iPhone directly from the computer it is free to install even paid apps.
To implement this method, the phone must be subjected to the procedure of jailbreak ("jailbreak" "jailbreak" the iOS). When the iPhone is installed jailbreak, it has its firmware hacked, through a special application Cydia bundled with jailbrake, set the repository “” In the list of plugins is AppSync for each version of the iOS operating system. Select your iOS plugin and install it.
After installing the plugin, restart iPhone connect your phone via USB cable to computer, start iTunes, and click on any downloaded from the Internet the IPA app you will see how it installs on the iPhone.